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Three agreements to be signed to further strengthen mutual cooperation among SAARC member states

SAARC summit
SAARC summit

(Sharachchandra Bhandary)

Kathmandu,2 Nov 2014: Three separate agreements are to be signed in the upcoming 18th SAARC Summit to make the mutual cooperation among the member countries stronger.

Three agreements– Motor Vehicle Agreement, Railway Agreement and Agreement on Energy Sector are going to be signed for improving land connectivity as well as guaranteeing increased access to economic activities among the SAARC countries.

The agreements will be signed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of all the eight member countries in presence of the Heads of State and of Government of SAARC Countries.

”Deeper integration for peace and prosperity” is the theme of the SAARC Summit being held from November 26 to 27.

In course of familiarizing the International Affairs and Labour Committee under the Legislature-Parliament about the preparations of the upcoming SAARC Summit, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mahendra Bahadur Pandey, said a 31-point Kathmandu declaration would be issued.

Agreeing on the texts of the agreements at the meeting of Inter-government committee recently held in New Delhi, they decided to present the agreements before the SAARC Council of Ministers for a decision.

The SAARC Summit host Nepal has already submitted the draft of the declaration and agreements to member countries.

The issues of land connectivity, climate change, poverty alleviation, sharing of energy in the SAARC region, and promotion of tourism and trade will be extensively discussed during the summit and Kathmandu declaration would incorporate the issues.

Nepal would give special stress for the implementation of the previous agreement and issues mentioned in the declaration in letter and spirit while preparation was underway to merge SAARC-level regional organisations.

On the occasion, Minister Pandey said support of all Nepalis was necessary to make the SAARC Summit a success.

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