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Biratnagar, Aug 2: Three eastern districts, Sunsari, Saptari and Udayapur have maintained high alert to remain safe from the possible Saptakoshi River inundation.

The local administration has asked all people on the river banks to remain in high alert after a dreadful landslide at Jure of Sindhupalchowk district blocked the Sunkoshi River dam early this morning. Sunkoshi is a tributary of Saptakoshi river.

The dam water could even affect settlements in the three eastern districts around the Saptakoshi River making a huge disaster if the river water was not followed in its previous course.

Eastern Regional Administrator, Mahashram Sharma, said the Security Committee meetings of the three districts held this morning decided to keep the people alert along the river banks for their safety from the possible flood.

The local administration has already begun its task to alert the people of riverside in Sunsari to shift them to safer places while the administration in Udaypur and Saptari districts have made arrangements to inform people about the blockage of river and aware people about the possible flooding, said Sharma.

There may be chance of the destruction of Koshi barrage and 500 VDCs of Bihar state if all the doors of Koshi Dam are opened at once.



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