Three To Eight Years In Jail And Fine Up To Rs 300,000 Recommended For Acid Attacker

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Three To Eight Years In Jail And Fine Up To Rs 300,000 Recommended For Acid Attacker

Kathmandu,31 March 2015: A parliamentary sub-committee formed to recommend the type of action against the guilty in the cases of acid attack or a similarly corrosive substance causing facial disfiguration of the victim has suggested prison sentence from five to eight years and fine of Rs 100,000 to Rs 300,000 (as per the nature of consequences and crime).

Similarly, three to eight-year imprisonment and fine of Rs 50,000 to Rs 150,000 has been suggested in the case associated with making the victims suffer a blemish on other body parts or bodily harm to them.

Regarding the cases that end in severe type of bodily harms like blindness on the victim, infertility (in the case of women) and castration (in the case of men), the subcommittee has proposed maximum penalty level (eight-year jail sentence and fine of Rs 300,000) against the attacker.

A subcommittee constituted by the Legislation Committee of Legislature-Parliament to draft a Bill designed to amend some Nepal Acts-2071 BS, with a view to establishing gender equality and ending gender-based violence, came up with its report that was approved by the Committee meeting Tuesday. Money extracted as a penalty from the perpetrator will be provided to the victim.

In the meeting, Minister for Law and Justice Narhari Acharya called for awarding strong punishment to the guilty of every type of such violence.

Subcommittee coordinator Rewati Raman Bhandari said the bill has proposed amendments to laws subsisting in the country so that to ensure gender equality and eliminate gender-based violence. The report passed by the Committee will be presented before the parliament summer session, according to Committee President Ganga Chaudhary.




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