Home Miscellaneous Three VDCs declared fully-inoculated in Mustang

Three VDCs declared fully-inoculated in Mustang

Three VDCs declared fully-inoculated in Mustang

Mustang, Aug. 30: The District Health Office, Mustang, has declared three VDCs as the fully-immunized area in the district. Kunjo, Tukuche and Marpha were announced the fully-inoculated VDCs amidst a programme on Saturday after all the children of up to 23 months age were given all vaccines. All vaccines against 10 different diseases should be given for the declaration of fully-immunized area.Vaccine Supervisor at Office, Badri Acharya, said that all 27 children in Tukuche, 20 in Kunjo and 36 in Marpha VDCs were immunized before organizing the event.


Recorded immunization history of Nepal goes back to 1850 AD, when Dr. Oldfield inoculated some royalties against smallpox.  However, informal sayings go back to ancient period, when treatment of poisonous snake bites by some mild venom was a mode of treatment. Besides, inoculation against smallpox was done in a crude form by Tibetan healers.


To declear whole country afully-inoculated many changes are needed. A current exploration has shown that more than 60% of the total cost in National Immunization Program goes on staff and less than 10% on vaccines. This needs critical judgment to increase the ratio of vaccines and related logistics. Inclusion of new and under used vaccines, used elsewhere, based on burden of diseases and current international practices needs serious consideration, which is also the demand of time.



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