Three women die, 28 ill after consuming hooch

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Melamchi,1 Dec 2014: Three women died and 28 have fallen sick after consuming contaminated alcohol at Tatopani-3 in Sindhupalchok district.

The incident took place on November 28 when the women who had gone to work at the house of one Bishnu Shrestha for his son’s wedding consumed the alcohol distributed as the auspicious item of the wedding ritual, which they had brought home.

The three women had been admitted to the Barhabise Hospital immediately after they fell ill after consuming the alcohol. Of them, Som Maya and Charkuli died at 3 am today while Dhana Maya breathed her last at 8 am, according to police.

As per information received, the remaining of the alcohol which the women had consumed on 28 November was served as auspicious item to the people who had come to the village for another marriage ceremony the next day. Twenty-eight people who consumed the drink all have fallen ill, it is stated. They are all undergoing treatment at Barhabise.

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