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Tilganga remembers late eye donors in a mass condolence ceremony


Kathmandu, December 31, 2017: In order to commemorate the deceased cornea donors, a mass condolence ceremony was organized at the Eye Bank, Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology.

Shankha Narayan Twayana, manager at the Eye Bank, mentioned that the program was organized in order to commiserate the donors and to inspire more people to donate their cornea.

Seven years ago, Sabin Bogati, had undergone corneal transplant seven years ago. Now, a twelfth grader Sabin is very grateful for the life he has got after the donation.“I was unable to see things from birth. Now I can see the world as well as pursue my studies easily. I have got a new life after someone’s contribution. I have also made up my mind to donate my cornea.”

Dr.Bandita Karki, who is currently working in Bangladesh, said her vision was not clear before she underwent a corneal transplant. She added, “I had been using a thick contact lens to see things clearly but the transplant has helped me so much with my vision, with my studies and with my career prospects.”

This year, 857 people have already received cornea transplantation.In the fiscal 2016-17, 709 people had donated their cornea.

Photo Source: Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology