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Tillers’ Rights to land stressed

Tillers' Rights to land stressed
Tillers' Rights to land stressed

Kathmandu,17 Dec 2014: Today’s meeting of Agriculture and Water Resources Committee under the Legislature-Parliament held discussions on tillers’ right to land.

Most of lawmakers expressed their views on the tillers’ right to land at the meeting called to discuss on the bill brought to amend the Lands Act-1964 and collecting the details of land beyond the ceiling, and ending duel ownership to land.

During the meeting held under the chair of Committee President Gagan Thapa, Constituent Assembly (CA) member Prem Suwal was in line of giving land (exceeding the ceiling) tillers while CA members Mina Pun and Durga Poudel argued that the government should assume the ownership to such land without offering any compensation to the owners.

Similarly, Narsingh Chaudhary, another CA member, was of the opinion that both parties, the landowner and the tiller, should mutually agree for the distribution of land along with guarantee of compensation to the owners.

Likewise CA members Kashinath Adhikari, Krisnabhakta Pokharel, Balaram Adhikari, Prakash Jwala, Amrit Kumar Bohara, Chudamani BK and Nawaraj Sharma, outlined the need to add a provision of distributing land beyond ceiling to the landless squatters in the proposed bill.

According to Dal Bahadur Rana, Minister for Land Reform and Management, the necessary revisions in the Lands Act- 1964 is being made in view of ending the long-standing disputes on dual ownership to the land and giving legal recognition to the provisions determining the distribution of the land.

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