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Tips for a budget friendly holiday


Kathmandu, April 9, 2016: Everyone loves to travel and visit new places but not a lot of us can afford to do so. Well, actually we can indulge our thirst for trips to new locations if we do it smartly. Most young people don’t have the funds for an extravagant holiday.

But following some of these basic tips will make sure that your holiday, within the country or abroad, will be awesome and good for our pockets.


The first thing a smart budget traveler does is research everything about her destination. From places to visit, sights to see, must visit cafés and restaurants, and hotels to stay in, the traveler makes a list. Researching helps you narrow down your search of budget friendly hotels, the easiest way to visit interesting places, the cheapest and best restaurants, etc.

Travel with friends

When you travel with friends, you can share accommodation and split the cost of taxis making it easier on your pockets. Even if you are staying in a cheap hotel, the cost is so much cheaper if you’re sharing the room with three other people. When you have to cover a long distance and you decide to take a taxi instead of traveling by the local bus to save time and for convenience, splitting the cost into four ways is a great idea. Find some likeminded friends you’re comfortable with and plan a vacation together.

Use your networks

It is useful to have friends in the right places. You know a friend who is a native of the place you’re planning to travel to? Get a call to her right now. She will know all the best places to eat in, offbeat places to visit, where to stay, and what to take back as souvenirs, among other local gems. She could even negotiate a good price for you at a good hotel she knows. If you are lucky, you might get invited to stay at her place or share some (free) meals together!

Don’t be afraid to bargain

Bargain, bargain, bargain. It doesn’t hurt anyone to ask for discounts or for something extra. The worst is you could be refused. But you might end up getting a few hundred rupees knocked off the cost of the hotel room, or be able to buy five packets of the local sweets at the price of three. Tourists are usually presented with higher rates and accordingly you should bargain. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts.

Carry your own snacks

Take some bags of chips, protein bars, or an assortment of nuts. Snacking on them while traveling will appease your hunger, and thus, your desire to eat at the next stop. In case you have a 12-hour bus ride ahead of you, carrying a home cooked meal is probably a grand idea, too. Just make sure the container is not a burden you have to lug around. Bringing your own food is also a great way to reduce the risk of food poisoning and upset tummy.

Eat local

Always head straight for the small local eateries. Ask your contact to recommend some cafés and restaurants that meet your palate and budget requirements. You can sample some of the finest dishes that best represent the place you’re visiting at a great cost. Local eateries usually have dishes that only a few visitors know about. Get to know the place’s cuisine at the price you’re most comfortable with.

Walk where you can

When you’re planning a holiday, you mark all the places you’d like to visit within the region, don’t you? While you’re doing this, don’t forget to plan the most convenient route possible. Walk where you can instead of taking a bus or a cab. Walking will allow you a closer look and feel of the place while saving you some money.

Avoid shopping at fancy malls

Don’t rush to the first big mall you see just because it’s easy to shop there. Shoppers end up paying more at the mall’s stores. Instead explore what the local market has to offer. You could get similar products at a much lower price. Plus, you can negotiate over the prices. Ask the owner of the hotel you’re staying in or the local café you’ve been frequenting to recommend where to shop and what to buy. Don’t forget to ask prices of products they suggest you take home. You don’t want to pay more than their worth. Buy local products as recommended since they make delightful souvenirs.