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Top 5 Finalists Announced For ICT Award 2019


Kathmandu, 19 July 2019: The Top 5 finalists in three different categories of ‘ICT Award 2019’ have been announced today. Living with ICT is organizing the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Award for the 4th consecutive year to promote ICT sector in Nepal. The award will facilitate innovations, enterprise, entrepreneurs’ experts and products in the ICT sector in nine different categories. Among these categories, finalists for Startup ICT Award, Product ICT Award, and Rising Student ICT Award have been announced today. As per jury coordinator Mr. Hempal Shrestha, top 5 were announced from top 11 shortlisted nominees in each of these categories based on the presentation and speed dating session held on 13 July.

The annual ICT Awards aim to celebrate national excellence in the discipline of IT sectors in Nepal. The awards are celebrated in conjunction with the annual ICT Awards conference held in the capital city of Nepal each year. Twenty first century is hugely influenced by technology, and it is considered as one of the pivotal dimensions to boost the economic development of any nation. We have witnessed how technology impact the economy of the world. With the increasing impact of technology in developed and developing countries like Nepal, we believe that the fourth edition of the Living with ICT Awards for excellence in the field of Information & Communication Technology held last year served as a milestone for the tech sector and helped in innovating new and advanced ideas from our tech entrepreneurs while also giving them a sense of recognition and appreciation for their works. With participation from diverse sector, the ICT Awards reflects the diversity of national interaction and need for a common recognition platform and standard of excellence that represents the wide breath and impact of IT sector. This ICT Awards platform serves as reference for the interaction between community and IT sectors to build upon strong e-society, and provides both professionals and students with tangible examples of best work in the field of IT sectors in Nepal.

E-digital Nepal, Hamro Technology, Khaalisisi, UG Cakes, and Walkman ‘Green Coins’ have been selected as one of the top 5 finalists for Startup ICT Award category. Similarly, Bidhana, Delta Sales App, Inspela, M-Bank, Mediflow System and Services have been top 5 products. Likewise, Help ER, Naya Kinmel, Prashasan-E, Raktadaan, and Water Tester App have confirmed their position in the top 5 projects prepared by college level students.

After selecting five finalists in each category from the jury team, the winners will be chosen through public voting. Mr. Rajan Lamsal, coordinator of ICT Award said that voting to select the winner has already begun today and will continue till August 3. Details on the process for online and SMS voting are available on https://ictaward.org.

The jury team is underway for the selection of winners in the remaining six categories of the award – Pioneer ICT Award, Entrepreneur ICT Award, Digital Governance ICT Award, Digital Education ICT Award, Nepali Diaspora ICT Award, and Media Person ICT Award.

The ICT Award this year saw more than 200 applications in all categories. Mr. Hempal Shrestha, jury coordinator for the award this year said that every effort is being made to select the best candidate as the winner. Similarly, Director of Sushmit Group and a jury member Sushil Pokharel said that ICT Award has added enthusiasm among people involved in ICT sector in Nepal.

The grand finale of ICT Award 2019 has been scheduled for August 17. The award ceremony will be broadcast live through various televisions, online portals, and Hamro Patro app.