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Top 6 TV Shows That are Perfectly Worth Your Time


Supernaturals, Game of Thrones, Gossip Girls, The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy are TV shows we all are more or less familiar with. Some of us might even be diehard fans. However, there are more fantastic TV shows out there, which you might have never heard of or might have never had a taste of. So, here is a list and review for you to get started with. Let me tell you what, they are perfectly worth your time if you need a little break for your mind or are on vacation or just looking for some show to get addicted to.

  1. One Tree Hill

One Tree HillWith an IMDb rating of 7.7, this is claimed to be the most troubled high school on TV, which ran nine seasons from 2003 to 2012 with much popularity and pride. With other characters mostly fading in and out, Nathan, Haley, Brooke, Peyton and Lucas remained the main focus of Tree Hill. The show started from the characters in high school, going through rough bizarre incidents from criminal uncle to psychopath on the loose, to crazy nanny; finally meeting the life unpredicted. Each one’s life has twists and turns and every viewer will definitely have a character they can totally relate to. Theme song: I Don’t Wanna Be; Genres: Drama, Romance, Sports

  1. The Originals

The-OriginalsA spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, this show is familiar to a larger audience, and has an IMDb rating of 8.4. The Mikaelsons— Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah being the first ever vampire have been living for thousands of years striving for survival amongst vampires, werewolves, witches and humans. The source of their power being none other but— family. Klaus, a hybrid of vampire and werewolf, feeling betrayed by his parents, finds it impossible to trust anyone. Elijah is always fighting to keep the siblings together and safe. Rebekah is longing and aching for a normal woman’s life with husband, kids and family. As you go through the show, you will find it hard to take one side, because we all make mistakes and wrong choices.

Genres: Horror fiction, Fantasy

  1. Gotham

GothamAfter its premiere in 2014, Gotham has been running successfully, partial credit to its name coming from Batman’s home. IMDb rated 8, Gotham is a show for those of you who are not very fond of drama and comedy. Set in a very serious, gloomy mood Gotham tells the story of a city which is dark and mysterious, and corrupt to the roots. Jim Gordon, son of a late successful district attorney of Gotham comes with hope bring back golden days of Gotham when it was brighter and purer. On his journey, he befriends victims of Gotham’s tragedy who is the son of the high profile double murders, and the future Batman.

Genres: Thriller, Action, Crime Fiction

  1. Gilmore Girls

gilmore-girls - CopyThe IMDb 8 rated TV show revolves around the coming-off age daughter’s relationship with her mother, and has a sweet small town with happy go lucky people surrounding them. Having Rory at the age of 15 was both a blessing as well as trouble for Lorelai Gilmore, who left rich parents’ home to have a future she wants. 2000 to 2007 broadcasted seven seasons of the show and kept viewers captivated with evolving relationships and friendships. Successful hotel manager, Lorelai Gilmore is actually an inspiration for women, how to be strong and independent. Rory, on the other hand, ending up in Yale University, is an icon for high schoolers, that after all you can be decent, genius and fabulous all at the same time.

Theme song: Where You Lead; Genre: Drama, Comedy

  1. Privileged

PrivilegedWith a very short span of only one season, Privileged ran from 2008 to 2009, catching hearts of light hearted TV audience. Quirky and pro-knowledge Megan, a Yale graduate meets the two high maintenance twins Sage and Rose when she is blessed by a tutor job via her lucky network. However, the job turns out to be less of a privilege and more of a trouble when the twins turn out to be not at all cooperative. The drama is set on Palm Beach, Florida where Megan actually grew up and her family lives, but the problem is that she left her family five years ago. However, over time things start to change as if whirlwind, and Megan’s life is changed forever.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

  1. The Secret Circle

The-secret-circleAnother very short spanned show, which will surely catch your attention has been rated 7.5 on IMDb, but for some reason despite the popularity never continued after season one. Cassie Blake goes to live with her grandma in Chance Harbor after the tragic death of her mother in a house fire. She meets foes who turn into friends soon, and tells her she is a part of the witch circle they have been waiting to be filled up. However, they still had no clue of what they are signing up for, until too late. Over the course of the episodes, death, achievements and surprises continue but mysteries remain till the very last episode, of the ultimate truth about the secret circle and its true power—evil or good? And Cassie, is she only one part of the circle or something more? Cassie’s long gone father shows up near the end of the season only to complicate Cassie’s life more and question her family ties.

Genre: Fantasy, Teen, Horror

One quick question- What did you find all of these TV shows have in common? Let me give you my answer, they all show the ups and downs in life, where friendships are made and broken, relationships are tested and of all, emotions are touched.

Now, you have a watch list to make your boring breaks or vacation thrilling and fun. All of these shows are available in various internet archives with episodes arranged season wise, and you can even mark episodes as watched. All you need to do is just go to Google and search using the right keywords. Happy Watching!

By: Sumayea Binte Shafiul
Reporter of Glocal Khabar, Bangladesh


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