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Tourism affected due to quake

Tourism affected due to quake
Tourism affected due to quake

Chitwan,10 May, 2015 : The tourism sector in Chitwan has suffered damage because of the effect of  April 25 earthquake and aftershocks.

Sauraha, Patihani, Jagatpur, and Meghauli were the major tourism destination placed and have no movement though hundreds of foreign tourists used to visit these places daily in this season.

Tourists booking that used to be around seventy percent is just five percent at presend, said first Vice-chairman of the Regional Hotel Association, Sauraha, Suman Ghimire. most of the bookings were cancelled after the quake.

Gyanendra Kumar Bista, Chairman of the Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), Chitwan said that around five billion rupees has been invested in a total of 130 hotels in the district as the attraction of tourists to visit the district was high.

Almost all  the tourism areas have been affected by the quake.The future of tourism in the district depends on the policy the government adopts.

Chinese nationals have hesitated to come to Nepal since the quake while 70 percent of Chinese tourists visits Sauraha and other tourism places in the district. The government should assure tourists that the area is safe enough to visit so that tourist could be brought as usual.


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