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More towards Leadership (EmpowHER Diaries)

Hey, we are growing as leaders!

After completing the 12th session of EmpowHER we truly feel that we are becoming the leaders. The learning from the different young entrepreneurs and the experience sharing, the techniques to work, the stories from failure to success inspire us so much. We find this part of EmpowHER the best part.

With all the hurdles, good memories, adventures, intense experiences the change makers of EmpowHER 2017 have successfully completed the 12th session on Saturday, 22nd July. We had three important sessions on this day.

Learning to Pitch Project Ideas

The first one was about project idea pitching. Actually, pitching the ideas in front of a mass is an essential part of all social impact projects. Aashish Adhikari, the founder of Red Mud Coffee was there as a guest facilitator to guide us with our project pitching. All the change makers presented their pitch and Aashish dai guided us with the proper way of pitching. He emphasized the importance of a good pitch in order to attract the sponsors and investors. “Pitching simply means the short description of the projects which include the introduction, body and the conclusion. In short, it is the mirror of the project proposal. A good pitch leads to the attraction of the audience, sponsors, investors and the stakeholders,” he shared to us.

All the change makers had prepared a three-minute pitch. Aashish dai gave us the suggestions and feedbacks after hearing each of us. He made us clear that the basis of a good project proposal is a good pitch.

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Importance of Digital Marketing in the era of technology

The second session was on ‘Digital Marketing’. This was led by Atulya Pandey, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Pagevamp, which is a New York based company that allows small businesses to easily create and manage website from their Facebook page. The second part of the day turned out to be more fruitful and interesting as the change makers learned the importance of a proper website and a Facebook page to promote the project ideas. Atulya taught the basics of making a website and a Facebook page and maintaining them. In the era of technology, the digital marketing helps in the promotion of the products and ideas like no other channels. All the change makers felt that it was the best opportunity to learn how to make a website.

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Value of Gratitude

The third part of the day was about the power and importance of ‘gratitude’. It was led by Amuda Mishra, founder of Ujyalo Foundation. “We meet so many people in life who make impact in what we do and how we do. But we often forget to thank them. Thank you is not just a word but carries a great meaning in it. A simple thank you can smoothen the relationships like nothing else,” Mishra said, adding, “Gratitude is a powerful word in itself, it helps in the building a good network and maintain a good professional and a personal relationship.”

The day went on with energizers, sharing moments and ends with the highs and lows as usual.

This session was a totally new package full of fun, knowledge, learning and much more. With these times in EmpowHER, we the changemakers believe that we notice the transformation within ourselves. We move on with the motto ‘If you want change to happen – start with yourself’.

In a nutshell, this journey of leadership is going flawless and a lot is to be achieved. We believe that we are the ones to bring the change, no matter how small it may be. But daring to dream and daring to do is the most important thing. EmpowHER is the journey of leadership, friendship, entrepreneurship, fun, joy, sisterhood and what not! It’s an immense pleasure for us to be a part of EmpowHER.

By Manusmriti Baral and Pabitra Majhi

The writers are EmpowHER changemakers.