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Toxic Moonshine Supplier Arrested


June 24, 2015: Delhi police has arrested a man who has supplied toxic alcohol which killed over 100 lives in Mumbai. The 26 year old supplied the illegal alcohol from from neighboring Gujarat state and he delivered it to different local suppliers in Mumbai.

Toxic alcohol deaths are common in India due to cheap bootleg liquor. The death has reached 102 and 40 patients are admitted to the hospital.

6 people are already arrested on the charges of making poisonous alcohol in Mumbai including two woman. According to police Mohammed Latif Khan is the main supplier and he flew to Delhi to stay in his friends house after the incident. Police has already send the sample of alcohol to test.

Many people has already died through the same incident. 170 people died in 2011 in Bengal, 30 people died in UP in 2009, 100 people died in Gujrat in 2009.


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