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Traffic cops start using advanced breathalysers

Image: dwitnews.com

Kathmandu, March 27, 2016: Traffic police have started using advanced digital breathalysers with built-in printer that gives the blood alcohol limit of motorists without having them to blow into the machine through the straw.

Motorists are just asked to blow into its sensor.

The technology is ideal for testing the breath of motorists who refuse to blow into the breathalyser through the straw for fear of getting infected with communicable diseases.

“We brought this technology into use as some motorists refuse to blow into the breathalyser through the straw. However, ordinary breathalysers are also in use simultaneously,” said SP Lokendra Malla, spokesperson at the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division.

According to the MTPD, it has a total of 178 sets of breathalysers. Of them, 38 are advanced ones. The China-made breathalysers of AlcoStop 6030 brand were procured at a cost of Rs 135,459 per unit.

Printer connectivity is available to allow instant printing of breath alcohol test results on the spot. It has been provided to all 34 units of the MTPD in the Valley.

“The new device is equipped with memory on board and is capable of printing out blood-alcohol concentration digitally,” said SP Malla. It can also maintain records of names and signature of drunk drivers, driving licence numbers and registration numbers of vehicles.

The data could be stored in these devices and transferred to computers for further analysis.

“If anyone refuses a breath test even through this gadget, we take him/her to hospital for blood test,” he informed. The MTPD had first introduced breathalysers in the Kathmandu Valley on March 26, 2012 as part of an intensified crackdown on drink-driving.