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Traffic police strictly enforce: No-horn rule


Kathmandu: Traffic police in Kathmandu have been acting against the less than 888 rule violators in the last three days against the unnecessary horn. A few months later, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division implemented a ‘no-horn’ rule to control increasing needless honking in the city.

Superintendent of Police, Mr. Rabi Kumar Poudel said-“It is important to remind people time and again until they give up the habit of needless honking.”Since the rule came into force in 2017, as many as 43,623 people have been registered. Number 598 rule violators that were booked in the last 30 days.

Of these, 9,663 were convicted in the fiscal 2016-17, 15,405 in 2017-18 and 4,959 until 21 February 2019. According to MTPD, the horn should only blow in the unseen state of vehicles coming from the opposite direction and to avoid accidents. The ‘No-horn’ provision applies to all the public, private, tourist and government vehicles, two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Emergency vehicles, ambulances, fire engines, and police vehicles are not obliged to follow the rules. Traffic police can fine up to Rs 500 for violating the rule.

Too much sound pollution can cause loss of hearing loss, increased blood pressure, the possibility of a heart attack, paralysis and memory loss. Mostly sound pollution effects, sick persons, minors, senior citizens and pregnant women.

The MTPD said in a recent release that traffic police are banning the importation of vehicles that raise the voice above the National Standard on Sound-2012.

Source: THT