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‘Traffic Ujalo Abhiyan’ Campaign to start


Kathmandu: The Metropolitan Traffic Police has decided to train more than 100,000 students and public vehicle drivers on road safety under “Traffic Ujalo Abhiyan” to prevent road accidents caused by traffic rules.

The division to launch a new drive from December 17, mobilizing 133 traffic police personnel in all 44 units of the Kathmandu Valley.

Earlier, in late October, the division had trained more than five dozen drivers of various ministries at Singha Durbar, as they were often found to be against traffic rules.

The recently appointed Traffic Police Chief, Senior Superintendent of Police Bhim Prasad Dhakal identified three E-themes: education, engineering, and enforcement as the way forward.

Dhakal said-“We are implementing the education theme. It is in its preliminary phase. Many license-holding drivers do not even have a basic knowledge of traffic rules.”

This division has already entered into an agreement with the Higher Institution, Secondary School Association Nepal, Private and Boarding Schools’ Organization Nepal and the National Private and Boarding Schools Association Nepal for traffic-related education in schools and colleges.

Each unit in the valley will reach each school and college and conduct traffic-related classes in batches of 50 students each semester.

Dhakal said-” This is a sustainable plan to curb future accidents and traffic rule violations. If we can make students well aware of traffic rules at the school level, these students can pass their knowledge to their parents and friends as well.” He added that he was inspired by the compulsory road safety education in the National School Curriculum of Japan. The Japanese government has made it mandatory for primary level students to learn about traffic rules and road safety. But in our case, almost all the license holders are unfamiliar with the traffic rules and regulations.

On a three-month-long drive, each unit of the Traffic Police will work to teach students the lane discipline, U-turn, traffic lights, proper overtaking and park rules.

Dhakal added that at the same time, they will continue with public awareness program on-road behavior when the traffic flow is higher.

Source: TKP