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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”- Augustine of Hippo

Travelling is an adventurous and joyful moment we experience going to places. It is the most enriching and wonderful journey one could ever have. It is the delightful and pleasurable expedition with a great learning experience and is self-learning source. Purpose of travelling varies from person to person. People travels for refreshment, sight-seeing, business purpose, also some for pilgrimage or for academic purpose.

Travelling can give you the knowledge more than the books can give. It makes you see the world from a whole new perspectives. It gives you the opportunity to come across with numerous new people along the journey and influence you in various manner. You will get introduced with greater diversity of human beings. Similarly, it makes you familiar with the culture of that place, which make one’s mindset widener. The stereotypes deep-rooted in one’s mind regarding different cultures can be erased through exploration of different cultures. Likewise, you get to taste different cuisine and end up asking for the recipe. In addition to this, travelling with loved one’s helps in creating beautiful memories for life-long.

For a beautiful and adventurous experience of travelling, Nepal is one of the best destination any one can think of and choose. Nepal is the smallest landlocked country that lies in South Asia. Nepal is popular for its distinctive feature a land of diversity. It is a country where you can find every kind of climate and diverse flora and fauna. 2% of flower species, 8% of bird species, 4% of mammal species on the world are found in Nepal. 500 species of butterflies and 6000 indigenous plant families are found in Nepal. There are 10 heritage sites enlisted in UNESCO.

On the basis of geographical structure, Nepal is divides into three different region, Himalayan, Hilly and Terai. The Himalayan Region covers 16% of the total land area and begins from 3000m leading up to the alpine pastures. World’s highest mountain Mt. Everest also lies here. Eight of the highest peaks (out of fourteen) that are above 8000 meter lie in this region. It is the least populated region with less fertile land. Sherpas are the distinct ethnic groups staying in this region. Likewise, Hilly region is spread in the 65% of total land covering forest, terrace field and Conservation areas and homelands of different ethnic groups. Terai (Plain land) region covers 19% of the total land area. IT is also considered as the granary of Nepal due to its fertile cultivative land.

Being a highly diverse country, Nepal is rich in natural beauty. Nepal has infinite gifts of nature, is full of full of wonders serenely complimenting the state of solitude. Words fail to describe the Nepal’s natural beauty which is found nowhere on earth. If you are searching for peace, you can visit Lumbini, birthplace of Gautam Buddha. If you are adventurous and sporty, we have swift flowing rivers for rafting, beautiful hills with best scene for trekking, bungee, paragliding, rock climbing and canyoning. Also we have Jungle Safari and the best skydiving ‘The Everest Skydrive’. Tick all you bucket list visiting Nepal.

The Nepal Tourism Board has launched the “Visit Nepal 2020” campaign to attract more tourists from the globe.

If you are searching for an amazing experience ahead with full of beautiful moments to be captures, then make 2020 the year to visit and make a life time experience.