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Traveling back home during Dashain and Tihar

Dashain and Tihar are major festivals of Hindus in Nepal. These are the longest and most auspicious for the Nepali people.

On the one hand, Dashain and Tihar bring great joys and happiness. But along with this, the festivals bring problems for those who need to travel outside. Kathmandu being the capital has a high number of residents who come inside the valley for education and jobs. These people return to their houses to meet their families set apart by distance for the other days. When the happiness has no bounds, it can’t be ignored that traveling during this time is not easy.

The major problem is getting the bus tickets. People have to get tickets in weeks or even months in advance waiting in a long queue. Because of lack of proper management of transport industry, and the internal problems between the officials, getting tickets is tough. Even if people get the tickets, the price they pay is way higher than the normal rate. However, people are left with no option but to go with it.

The buses and other public vehicles are also not well managed and maintained. To add to the woes, the buses are seen taking more passengers than their limited capacity. This is one of the major reasons for increasing rate of accidents during festive seasons. Long distance traveling buses, as per the rule, need to have two drivers so that accidents are mitigated. However, vehicles here rarely followed the rules.

The food options that the passengers get during their travel period are also not hygienic and healthy. The other problem faced is also lack of proper toilets. But, apparently, we don’t see any viable solution being implemented and people are compelled to suffer these miseries during this happy hour.

The government and all the stakeholders should work in collaboration for solving these problems and making their travel a better experience, if not the best, at least a safe and sound experience. After all, it’s the major festival of the country and people shouldn’t miss out the joys and pomp because of these uncomfortable experiences.

By Gokul Joshi

The writer is an A Level graduate from AJW College.