Trekkers facing problem at Thorang-La Pass

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Trekkers facing problem at Thorang-La Pass

Mustang, Feb 3: Trekkers are facing problem due to the lack of a rest house at Thorang-La pass, situated on the border between Mustang and Manang districts.

Thorang-La pass is the highest pass in the world at an elevation of 5416 metres above the sea level.

The trekkers who come to trek around the Annapurna Circuit, have said that they are facing problem due the lack of a single rest house close to the mountain pass. It is difficult for them to tackle the natural problems that came across during their trek.

Also, the rescue of the trekkers has been increasingly difficult at times of disasters in the absence of a rest house.

According to Bidur Kuikel, the Chief of Annapurna Conservation Area Project, the place neither has a rest house for tourists nor for the guides and porters.

Statistics shows that some 300,000 tourists come for trekking annually and a majority of them reach Thorang-La Pass.

Bearing the difficulty concerning the security and rescue of the tourists visiting Thorang-La Pass, the government has brought into effect the Emergency Security Plan and has prioritized the construction of a rest house soon at the place.

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