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Tribhuvan University to introduce ‘Credit System’ in its Academia


Kathmandu, January 19, 2018: Tribhuvan University has managed a new ‘Credit Transfer’ system for students who want to return back to the country to continue their studies and students who desire to study abroad while continuing their studies in the country.

According to Dilliram Uprety, the registrar of Tribhuvan University, a three-member panel of Prof. Dr. Dilliram Uprety, has brought the credit system into implementation. To be eligible for the credit system, students should obtain at least 50 percent in their high school whereas the courses of the two universities must have at least 80 percent similarity. According to the regulation of Tribhuvan University, these students must complete their courses in six years.

This credit system will benefit the universities that run on a semester system. Registrar Upreti informed that the students working and studying overseas can benefit through this process. They could come back to their country and continue their studies if they are finding it a difficulty to study abroad.

Upreti mentioned that this system will be imposed on the basis of the necessity of the applicants. He indicated, “As we have no semester system at the undergraduate level in Tribhuvan University, transferring the students will be a problem.”

The country’s most celebrated and accoladed Tribhuvan University has already commenced partnership with more than 160 universities and research centers. Currently, more than 300 international students, professors and researchers are involved in the university