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Tribhuvan University to introduce Smart Boards and Free Wi-Fi in its affiliated campuses


Kathmandu, January 22, 2018: In order to introduce technology-friendly environment in its affiliated colleges, Tribhuwan University has started to commence the use of smart board and free Wi-Fi.

Prof. Dr. Ridhish Kumar Pokhrel, the president of the project, mentioned that the affiliated campuses have started raising money for managing the smart boards in their classes. “Previously, we had conducted a program in Dhangadi to converse about the project. We plan to discuss this program in the remaining provinces. However, many campuses have not been informed about initiating smart boards and free Wi-Fi in their classes.”, shared Pokhrel.

Dr.Madhav Gautam, President of Patan Campus, indicated that the commencement of smart boards needs an increase in the budget. “We are motivated by this initiation. So, we are also in the process of creating an e-library for our students.”

The university has allocated NRS.1,00,000 to buy the smart boards in each class and a total of one crore for managing free Wi-Fi and e-governance. Currently, the students of the university are having problems in noting down the things listed on the blackboard. After the advent of the smart board, these students could get back to the previous notes they had missed.