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True Inspirational Entrepreneur: Mr. Rudra Pandey


Mr. Rudra Pandey is a Nepali entrepreneur. He is currently serving as Chairman and CEO of Deerwalk Inc., a US based healthcare analytics. He is also serving as Chairman of Deerwalk Institute of Technology. Mr. Pandey is a very positive man who never gives up in his dreams.

He co-founded D2Hawkeye where he served as Chief Technology Officer. After its acquisition by Verisk Analytics D2 Hawkeye became Verisk Health where Pandey served as Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Pandey, who believes change can be brought from oneself, is the founder trailblazer of Hamro Party which has been currently seeking a leader who is able enough to work for the betterment of the Country.

Mr.Pandey has established hiking culture in Nepalese software companies. He brought this idea in reality for the refreshment of his employees who have been working hard throughout the week. He himself has participated in many hiking events and he has also taken part in Everest Base Camp trekking.

He received the prestigious ‘FNCCI Gold Award for Trendsetters‘ in the sector of Information Technology.