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Trump defends campaign manager Corey charged with assault


Washington, March 30, 2016: Corey Lewandowski has been accused of one tally of straightforward battery for “purposefully” ambushing a female correspondent.

Republican presidential leader Donald Trump has said he won’t sack his battle chief who has been charged for “purposefully” ambushing a female columnist, declaring that the allegation was false.

“She was getting me,” Mr. Trump, said yesterday at a CNN sorted out town lobby in Wisconsin as he firmly shielded his battle director Corey Lewandowski. “I’m a steadfast individual, will be faithful to the nation. We need to come out with the simple truth of the matter. It would be so natural for me to end this man, demolish his life, and destroy his crew. He has four wonderful kids in New Hampshire, destroy his entire everything, and say you’re terminated,” Mr. Trump said.

He faulted female columnist Michelle Fields of false allegation and attested that Mr. Corey would battle out the case in the court of law. Mr. Trump asserted that Mr. Corey had done nothing incorrectly after he was recorded apparently getting Fields by the arm and pushing her away at a crusade occasion in Florida on March 8.

Mr. Corey was accused of one number of straightforward batteries for “purposefully” touching previous Breitbart columnist Fields after nearby police discharged a video of the occurrence.

Mr. Corey is as a rule unreasonably insulted by an astute correspondent, Trump asserted.

Mr. Trump’s adversaries have pummeled the land big shot for not shooting Mr. Corey. Congressperson Ted Cruz from Texas said he would request that his battle chief leave in such circumstances.

“I realize that the columnist asserted that she was physically ambushed. That I will say, it’s reliable with the example of the Trump battle,” Mr. Cruz said.

“The way of life of the battle has been a crusade based on assaults, on abuse, and I think there is no spot in legislative issues for affront, for individual assaults, for heading off to the canal, and there ought to be no spot for physical viciousness either,” Mr. Cruz said.

Senator from Ohio John Kasich said he would have likewise let go his crusade director in such a condition.

“See, when you have issues like that, you need to act. Presently, I’ve been obviously an official running the seventh biggest state. Furthermore, we witness things that. Now and again, you need to assume the best about individuals, however when you see things that are truly clear — from what I comprehend the video is clear. Obviously I would fire him,” Kasich said.