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TU about to forbid Tobacco


Kathmandu, April 8, 2018: Tribhuvan University asked its divisions, department, offices of deans, sports council, research centres and constituents to prohibit consumption of tobacco inside the campuses through sending letters.

Subhash Chandra Kandel, Chief, TU General Administration Department stated that they have circulated the letters to all concerned bodies and have informed all not to smoke, consume tobacco or drink alcohol on the premises of TU or its constituent campuses. As educated people visit these places, and also he hoped that they don’t need to use force or establish check-point to enforce the rule.

As following the control and regulatory of Tobacco Product Act 2011, consuming tobacco is strictly prohibited in public places, institutions and offices of the government, educational institutions, libraries, training and health-related institutions, airport, public transport,child welfare homes, child care centres, factories, cinema halls, cultural centres and theaters.

To sum up, individual or group found smoking in public places will legally be punished.