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TU and its constituent college students to receive a refund for medical


Kathmandu: The students associated with Tribhuvan University and its constituent colleges will receive a refund amount of up to Rs 90,000 spent in medical check-ups at government hospitals. There are currently 62 constituent colleges at TU. This is a very good initiation which facilitates the students in receiving health service.

The Directorate of Student Welfare and Sports has introduced a system of refunding up to 90% of the student’s education up to Rs.100, 000. The money will be provided only to cover hospital expenses such as various tests, laboratory fees, doctor’s fees, and bed charges, apart from medical expenses.

According to TU Registrar, Mr. Dilli Ram Upreti, TU has also set up a Student Health Check Fund for this purpose, where more than 80 million have been deposited. The fund is created by collecting Rs 500 from the fees charged by the students.

This is not the first time TU has started planning. Four years ago, TU implemented a similar scheme for up to Rs 50,000 students seeking medical treatment. Last around, around 5 students benefited from the program.

Upreti said-“This year we are circulating the notice to all colleges and informing students about the scheme so that more students take advantage.”

To claim a refund, students must apply to respective colleges. Colleges recommend returning TU’s SSD funds after verifying the bill amount and student health status.

In order to receive a refund, students must only perform medical check-up at TU’s Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj; Gandaki Medical College Teaching Hospital- Pokhara; Dhaulagiri Zonal Hospital- Baglung; Surkhet Provincial Hospital- Surkhet; and Bheri Zonal Hospital,-Nepalgunj.

Head of SSD, Mr. Ganga Thapa said they were working to increase the number of government hospitals where students could go for a medical check-up. He mentioned-“In case of diseases that cannot be treated in the country, the SSD will provide extra funds up to Rs 200,000 to facilitate students to go abroad for treatment.”

Students will not be granted grants for dentistry, plastic surgery or pregnancy. Likewise, no money will be provided to students suffering from chronic illness before admission to college.

Source: THT