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TU students to get transcript within a day


Kathmandu, May 28, 2018: Tribhuvan University, now to provide students a transcript within a day from its successful start of ‘examinations management information system’.

Professor Tirtharaj Khaniya, TU Vice-Chancellor observed the start of the system yesterday at the Office of the Controller Examination by giving the transcript to the Bachelor in Education scholar, Manoj Kumar Singh.

Professor often revealed the university’s work of making activities paperless followed by the date of declaration of that service be started in regional level offices and colleges with making online system and bringing more reforms in examination system as well by the end of 2020.

Pushpa Raj Joshi, Examination Controller assured about the changes in transcript where from now students won’t have to wait a tiresome month for a transcript rather they will get within a day. To make the system more effective, TU is experimenting by providing transcripts to the B.Ed tutees within a week instead of providing within a solo day.

45 transcripts can be printed by the new technology in a minute. Besides, TU will also be distributing examination forms, registration cards, provisional certificates and mark sheets through that system.