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Two Trafficking Girls Rescued From India


Dhangadhi, Nov 16,2014:    Two girls trafficked to Chhapra district based Super Sangam Musical Orchestra Group, Bihar of India, have been rescued at the initiative of Maiti Nepal, Dhangadi chapter.

Maiti Nepal is an organization working to control woman trafficking.

The two sisters of Laliko Nigali VDC-5 of the Kailali district were allured for job by Chaiti BK of the same VDC and trafficked via Dharmendra of the Group for Rs 30,000, said Chief of the chapter Shiva Charan Chaudhary.

Victim girls’ mother filed an application at the chapter after she knew her daughters were trafficked to India following a tip-off from other youths who returned from Bihar. The girls are brought to Dhangadhi on Friday.



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