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UAE/NEPAL/CONNECT 2018 for Changemakers in Nepal


Kathmandu, September 5, 2018: UAE/NEPAL/CONNECT 2018 (UNC) conducted a one-day event bringing the change makers alumni of UNC programs to share the learnings in change making pathways.

The theme of this UNC 2018 is ‘Reunion and Documentary Making’. UNC 2018 is aiming to strengthen the local support along with Nepal Youth Innovator (NYI) and their mission discussing the challenges and potential steps for the individual projects.  ‘Champak Namuna Homestay’ which was a project on the addressing the economic issues faced by women in the village and the nurturing support that they have. ‘Saahasi – The Brave Women’ is another project by Pabitra Majhi which highlighted the empowerment of the marginalized women through the education and financial independence. 

Amrit Giri, President of NYI stated, “These individual projects will be supported by NYI as being social enterprise NGO, under the leadership to develop the comprehensive organizational framework and vision to support all the youth members and expand their ecosystem. “