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‘Uddhammi Mann’ inspires youth with entrepreneurship ideas on the occasion of Women’s Day


Speeches, panel discussion, slide shows, and Q&A sessions with various young and emerging entrepreneurs

Kathmandu, March 9, 2016: Uddhammi Mann, an entrepreneurship event organized by Atharva has successfully completed in the Park Village Hotel and Resort, Budhanilkantha with sharing of inspiring ideas to the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Rajan Shakya, Executive Director of KGH Group, Faija Parween, Chairperson of Open Space Nepal, and Asish Thakur, Executive Director of Glocal Pvt. Ltd shared the journey of starting their ventures. “It is very proud moment to see young entrepreneurs in the market. You guys are way better and ahead of who I am, and I feel motivated when I meet you guys,” shared Mr. Shakya with addressing the mass of youths. Meanwhile, Faija in her speech said that women’s Day is not celebrated in a systematic manner. “In the name of celebration, we can see lots of companies organizing the event on Woman’s Day as competition. So, Open Space Nepal came up with 60 Seconds International Film Festival with 1500 entries from people in 14 different countries,” she said, adding, “Through the movies, we are trying to encourage youths to tell the stories of their country.”

Faija Parween speaks on the occasion

Later, Safal Niraula showcased the video of social construct showing a suicidal scenario. He said in grief, “A girl is not raped by boys. It is the society who rapes her more.” He also presented a sorry video to encourage and energize women.

Similarly, Asish Thakur talked on how women have changed his life. He said, “During the beginning of Glocal, we had to face a lot of problems. My colleagues Alina Prajapati and Cajol Jha are the amazing persons who helped me manage and organize the company.”

Asish Thakur, Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

In the latter session, Mr. Kushal Raj Sapkota moderated a panel discussion on the themes of international relevance to entrepreneurship, in which the panelists Thakur, Parween, and Suchitra Shrestha shared their ideas to the young audiences present on the occasion.

Kaushal Raj Sapkota, the moderator

“Entrepreneurship is equally important to women, as it is to men. In our society, women have been suppressed. They feel afraid to talk to the top business people. We can see huge number of people engaged in social work. After their marriage, women get tied by responsibilities. So, it’s better for them to start early so that they will get a chance to learn more and gain experiences and build a sustainable business model,” said Parween. “So, I would request every young and aspiring entrepreneur to come up with an executable plan, gather knowledge to rightly executing the plan, and focus on the system,” she shared.

Similarly, Asish Thakur said that women are the multi-taskers, and men are not much risk takers than the women.  “There is a huge importance of women in the business sector,” he shared. Thakur further mentioned that one shouldn’t take everyone’s suggestions, as too many cooks would spoil the broth. “Planning is the first and foremost thing for starting any business. And we must find, know, respect, and develop people,” he said, adding, “Generating too many questions like what, why, how, how long, etc. would help an entrepreneur to come up with solutions to the hurdles arising in a business.”

High-school students and young enthusiasts numbering more than 70 had attended the session.

By Batsala Rajdhami