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Uddhyami Junction With Anish Shrestha (Co- founder of Yellow App)


Kathmandu 26 Feb, 2015: Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) – Nepal conducted the latest episode of its regular program, Uddhyami Junction, with Mr. Anish Shrestha on 26 February. Mr. Shrestha is one of the co-founders of Yellow Nepal which has developed Yellow App and also runs nepalifoodies.com. Yellow App provides location based restaurants and food suggestions to the users. The app has more than 10,000 users and it received the Google Business Group award with a prize money of US$ 5000 in December 2014.

To an audience of 35 students and young aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Anish Shrestha shared his entrepreneurial journey, his obstacles during the journey and his turning points in life and the lessons learned. He received his degrees in Software Engineering from the Pokhara University He spent his last 4 years working as an engineer and software developer in the mobile space before venturing out on his own. Despite being an entrepreneur, he believes that young people should have an experience of working for others before starting on their own. “Only when you have experience of following others, you can make others follow you”, he said. “By being an employee of a larger organization you will learn how to handle people and how to grow your products and your brand. It is like learning at someone else’s expense”, he said.

Shrestha also told the audience that an entrepreneur always has to have an exit strategy in mind although it may not be the primary goal of the enterprise. According to him, having an exit strategy helps in planning and growing the business accordingly. He shared that the exit strategy of his company for next two years is to be acquired by a larger organization but his long term strategy is to be the ultimate hub of food lovers in Nepal.

He also urged the audience and young students everywhere not to stick to studies only and apply their creative ideas and skills they acquired while they were still in college. As per him, this practical knowledge would help the young aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in life later. He suggested them to acquire broad knowledge of as many topics as they can in early days so that they can choose which one to focus on later on.

After the speech Mr. Shrestha addressed number of Questions which were raised by audience belonging to different universities, corporate person and college students. Every participant had provided the positive feedback towards the events and even shown the interest to attend the upcoming events organized by Sage Nepal. Even Mr. Anish appreciated the initiation of Mr. Surath Giri ( Founder of sage Nepal) to encourage the young enterpreneurs in Nepal.

SAGE Nepal conducts Uddhyami Junction every Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm. If you are interested to participate, please follow them in their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thesagenepal ) to get updates of their future program.

 By: Sangita Tiwari

Photo By: Shataranj Suwal


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