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Udhyami Seed Camp, as I witnessed


I was long waiting to see such type of platform where the young aspiring entrepreneurs have an opportunity to learn, network, gain exposure, attract seed funds, and startup their ventures

As I entered the premises of Bikalpa Art Center this afternoon, I was amazed to see groups of young aspiring entrepreneurs networking together and sharing their business ideas.

Later on, some established entrepreneurs, industry experts, and mentors too started to gather together. They could be seen interacting with the aspiring startup founders, hearing their stories, and advising them in the best possible way.

Inside the auditorium, a special guest session was running, where Abhaya Poudel was interacting with these aspiring entrepreneurs about the revenue model of their companies. As the revenue model is a deciding factor whether it sustains or not, or even whether one can start or not, he was clearly advising them to think again about their business model and refine their ideas.

Later, in yet another guest session by the Toastmaster Mannsi Agrawal, the participants got to learn how to pitch their ideas to investors, and sell their ideas in a convincing way.

I don’t want to confuse you more with such details. This scene was from the Udhyami Seed Camp that is running since April 21. A total of 15 groups with interesting business ideas are participating the intensive 5-days long bootcamp that seeks to enable them to turn their ideas into businesses.

The startup ideas range from selling used books online, to making smart wheelchairs that can be controlled through mobile phones. From building up a community of engineers in Nepal, to producing mustard oil. From starting laundry service to the doorsteps of people, to developing travel packages for unexplored areas. From starting bike workshop with team of all-female operators, to producing and marketing of typical Nepali food products. These 15 startup ideas are awe-inspiring and seek to fulfill the existing need gap in the market.

The programme is providing a unique, and one of its kind of platform for the aspiring startup founders to come together, meet the experts, learn the various aspects of doing business in real, and finally get investors. Startups Nepal had provided such a platform to them.

Amidst the camp, Ananta Saurabh, Chief at Kantipur Digital Corp could be seen interacting with the team of Sroth Code, a mobile game developing company. The participants from Sroth Code were keen interested in getting insights about the mobile-game industry, developing games that have high chance of being successful, and more such things. Saurabh was advising and guiding them for the same.

Meanwhile, Narottam Aryal, Executive Director of King’s College could also be seen talking to the aspiring team of Buda-Budi, a company that is about to come up with a unique kind of laundry service that reaches to the doorsteps of people. Michael Ghimire and Subhadra Rijal, the persons behind the company were discussing their business idea, and planning on how to take the idea ahead. Having gone through the problem themselves, and seeing the unwashed clothes piling up at their friends’ and relatives’, they had come up with this unique idea. They were busy refining their business idea eg. discussing who their possible clients will be, what sort of services they will provide, how much they will charge for the service, etc.

Likewise, a team of 3 friends, namely Rina Tamrakar, Panas Subedi, Prabhat Giri, who are currently studying at NAMI College were seen passionately devising a new business model for their company. About a year ago, they had started their own company, namely Kitab Trade, instead of an doing internship in others companies (internship, as required by their University curriculum). Though it’s already one year, they found the company not growing as expected. After coming to the Udhyami Seed Camp, they are now sure that they will be able to accelerate the growth of the company. Along with the selling second-hand books online, they will also start selling course books. To work for the same, they have started Mero College Books campaign, as part of which they will help provide course books of old batches to the newly admitted students. This year, they are working in as many as 15 A-Level colleges.

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As my friend Prabha Timilsina, who is also the Media and Public Relations associate at M&S Next Venture Corp. had shared to me, all the startup ideas are really promising, and are sure to bring some visible changes in our society through their services. To add more, I was amazed to see these young guns sharing their ideas, and getting feedbacks and suggestions from others.

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, these groups will pitch their startup ideas in front of investors, and have chances of getting investment.

Having written the stories of promising and innovative startups every Friday for the last 43 weeks, today, I really enjoyed seeing this type of platform being developed in Nepal, that is helping the aspiring entrepreneurs to learn, network, gain exposure, attract seed funds, and startup their ventures.

The entire teams of Startups Nepal and Udhyami Seed Camp deserve accolades.

Wishing the success of the programme.

By Basanta Kumar Dhakal