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Uncovering ‘Alpabiram’


Kathmandu,May 05,2016:In the memory of significant contributions made by Late Dr. Bholanath Chalise Samriddhi foundation together with Chalise’s family inaugurated the book,’Alpabiram’. A strong advocator of private company, former Secretary of government of Nepal, Dr. Chalise was a liberal economist who never stepped back to raise his voice for the economic revolution in Nepal even though some people at times criticized his words.

Highly recognized as an honest bureaucrat he has spent more than two decades of his life on bureaucracy. Dr. Chalise was an expert in formulating policies on industrialization, federalism, liberal economic plans and foreign plans and has written hundreds of articles related to them 40 of which are included along with some of his interviews in the book.

Honorable dignitaries like Dr. Chiranjibi Nepal,  Governer of Nepal Rastra Bank, Mr. Bimal Wagle former secretary, Mr. Niranjan Shrestha  chairperson of Nepal Youth Enterprenaur Association, Mr.Bigyan Adhikari former chairperson of Nepal Economic Journalist Society shared their working experience with Dr. Chalise with their heartfelt condolences.

Along with the economists presented in the inauguration ceremony, the elder son of Chalise,Dr. Batuk Nath Chalise forwarded that in today’s world of modernization, especially in Nepal, principles of Dr. Chalise are a must for promoting  liberal economy for the entire prosperity of the nation. “This will certainly be a huge respect for my late father”, added Batuk Nath Chalise.