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Undying Spirit: Documentary celebrating volunteerism released


Kathmandu, April 25, 2016: Marking the one-year anniversary of last year’s earthquake, ‘Undying Spirit,’ a documentary celebrating the power of volunteerism and social engineering, has been released.

The 31-minute-long documentary looks back on the tragic earthquake, its aftermath and the relief efforts that were made by people all over the world, and focuses on the coming together of Nepalis and international community to rebuild Nepal.

“It sends a powerful message that through volunteerism and social engineering, we can not only help others, but also bring about positive social change,” states the press release.

Directed by Dinesh Khadka, ‘Undying Spirit’ has been presented by US based media person Darron Cambra, executive produced by Suraj Shrestha, and co-produced by Bishal KC, Raj Kumar Khadka , and Dana Plotkin

Mountain River Films, a Kathmandu based film distribution house, is looking after the world sales and marketing of the documentary.

‘Undying Spirit’ has been uploaded on YouTube by Virgo TV channel and can be watched following the link Undying Spirit.