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UNESCO Supports Incorporation of ICT Competency into Teachers Development


Kathmandu, November 11, 2016: UNESCO, in collaboration with National Centre for Education Development (NCED) recently conducted a three-day workshop on incorporating ICT (Information and Communications Technology) standards into the teacher development programme in Kathmandu. The main objective of the programme was to build capacity of stakeholders towards reforming teacher training and professional development programmes to include ICT-based competencies.

The importance of integrating ICT into education and the role of teachers in achieving it is indisputable. And, successful integration of ICT will foster innovative teaching and learning to promote core 21st century skills. This will help in further strengthening the quality of and access to education.

The workshop was facilitated by Mel Tan from UNESCO Bangkok and saw an active participation of 30 representatives from the NCED, Ministry of Education, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, teacher trainers, teachers and other key stakeholders in the field.

The programme primarily aimed to enhance the draft modules of ICT related in-service training courses towards producing an ICT-integrated competency-based teacher development programme along with the immediate next steps to be followed and implementation plans for the modules.

Giving his concluding remarks, Dinesh Khanal, the Deputy Director of NCED highlighted the importance of proper training for teaching professionals and appreciated the efforts made by the attendees and urged for the further improvement of the draft curriculum.

The workshop was an extension of two previous national-level workshops under the “Supporting Competency-Based Teacher Training Reforms to facilitate Effective ICT-Pedagogy Integration Project”, a regional project being piloted in Uzbekistan, Philippines and Nepal. The project will serve as a model system for other countries investing in ICT in Education across various regions in the near future.

Courtesy: UNESCO office in Kathmandu