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Uniglobe Alumni: Three Amazing Stories


Kathmandu, August 24, 2018: Uniglobe Alumni Association hosted an event with three amazing speakers telling three amazing stories on August 25. The event was organized in Global College of Management and was sponsored by Himalayan General Insurance.

President Sagun Prajapati along with his team of Uniglobe Alumni managed the session with support for the Rotaract Club. The two-hour long session started at 3:00 pm with musical entertainment. The session hosted above 100 people. President Sagun Prajapati when asked “Why he conducts these sessions?” replied “These young people have amazing ideas and want to do something with it but lack the final push. These stories help these young people get that final push that’s so needed. It also shows the young people what it takes to make it big.”

Entrepreneur Loonibha Manandhar

The co-founder of Tyre Treasures Miss. Loonibha Manandhar shared her story of becoming an Environmentalist Entrepreneur. Loonibha who was a normal Bachelor’s student shared in her story that she entered the Greenovation Challenge as a way to improve her C.V. With no intentions to win and no idea of a company the odds were never on her favor. However after seeing waste tyres being burnt in Brick Factory and the damage that these tyres were causing on the environment she with her team decided to build a company around the idea of recycled tyres. The idea caught the eyes of the judges and Tyre Treasures became among the 5 different companies to get Rs 1,50,000 of seed-funding out of the program.

With struggles of finding workers and producers to people not delivering on promises, Loonibha remembered the intense work hours she had to put in juggling with her Thesis, Research program, and the company. However, she doesn’t regret the hard work. She says, “I had dreams of becoming many things from a CA to Designer to Innovator and today as an Entrepreneur I can be all. And that’s all my dreams coming true.” Loonibha ended on a positive note saying that the tyre recycling company has now got 60 happy clients with 3 lakh 50 thousand in sales number.








Business Women Kritica Lacoul Shrestha

Kritica Lacoul and her sister Ritica Lacoul took over and are currently running Jamerko. Jamerko is a paper-based recycling company that produces goods made out of recycled paper. It was established by Aruna Lacoul and her sister Muna Shrestha. Kritica shared the story of two mothers who had no background in business building their own company. Jamarko today makes paper bags, notebooks and even pencil out of used paper.

Kritika also shared her story of taking over and growing the traditional business into what it is today. She remembers having completed her education and being married while she also was running this business. She also shared the story of starting her first store in Jhamsikhel and providing the recycled goods a home. She ended her story with the message: “If you are not buying recycled products. You are not recycling.”

Mountaineer Luckme Syangdan

Luckme Syangdan told her story of how from her dream of becoming an air hostess she became a mountaineer. Luckme is an inspiration to all women in Nepal. She remembers her first trip to rock climbing. She had gone there for recreational purposes but fell in love with it. She too her certificate as an official guide from NATHM and continued rock climbing but one day when a brother asked her “Do you want to do Mountaineering?” her life as a mountaineer started. She remembers being one of the only 6 members in the group of 45 people in the basic source of NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association). She saw the lack of women in the field of Mountaineering and inspired is to a vow to work to reduce the gender gap.

She also remembers being the only woman in the 29 people taking the advanced training in NMA. But defying all odds she was ranked 5th in her class. Without help from an official sponsorship Luckme took help from her brothers, friends, and office to climb Everest for the first time. She officially climbed the submit with the message of “Women Empowerment”. She believes that women can be and do everything and tells everyone to “Try it”. She says we shouldn’t say we can’t do anything before trying it.

By: Saugat Pokharel