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Unity Anthem Singers Profile


Kathmandu, March 24, 2015:  The song by Pradip Khatiwada  “Mero Desh Mero Gaurav”, a unity anthem was released on 13th of March 2015 where 24 different singers have given voice to this particular song. As a matter of fact, all of these singers are from different parts of Nepal covering Mechi to Mahakali. This song holds the message of unity to empower and aware all the people of Nepal and its heritage and culture. The song is composed by Pramod Nirwan and directed by Asish Bhetwal.

The song pleases and urges everyone to choose the path of peace and togetherness realising strong bond among all nepalese being proud of our nation.

Here are list of singers with their profile in alphabetical orders who contributed to bring together the voice of unity through music.

AD SherpaAd Sherpa

Place of Birth: Bhojpur

Age: 28

Popular songs and album: : Hera Timilai” , ” Eh ni lailai”

Musical Journey: He used to sing with friends just to get entertained and later he took it to professional level. He used to sing since his early age and later he got friends circle who is into music and his singing interest became his passion. His first album was released 5 years ago.


Badal PrasaiBadal Prasai

Place of Birth: Sunsari

Age: 28

Popular album and songs: ” Badal” , “Espali Dashain Ma”, “Jhulke Badal”, ” Phulko Hatiyar”

Musical Journey: He had keen interest in singing and used to sing in college. He carried on his passion in singing and recorded songs. Two years ago he got ‘ Best Artist Award’ from Bindabasini Music.


Bharat SitaulaBharat Sitaula

Place of birth: Taplejung

Age: 30

Popular songs and album: “MOD” (The Turning Point)

Musical journey Begun immediately after giving an SLC and joining guitar course. His first Album was released in 2058 “Kun Phul Hola”. Recently he is working in Himalayan TV as a program producer and also working in next album “Salala”.


Bijaya Lama

Bijay Lama

Place of Birth: Kavre

Age: 35

Popular songs and albums: ” Om Mane Peme”, ” Nakhanu Paani “, “Eh Kanchi”, “Voli Farki uchu aaudina”

Musical Journey: He had musical friends circle form the beginning that lured him into music. He released his first album in 2052 B.S. and in 2053, he received “Best Performance Award” organised by Sujan Smriti Club. He has also received “Dukdhuki Award” from Pokhara. Recently, he is recording new songs and soon to give musical performance in Korea on the occasion of new year.


bijaya shresthaBijay Shrestha

Place of Birth: Gokarna

Age: 20

Popular songs and albums: “mero desh mero gaurav”

Musical Journey: He works in an studio and sound engineering.  It has been 10 years that he is working in studio recording songs and recently working in Rebel Creation.




Bikesh ShankerBikesh K Sankar

Place of birth: Biratnagar

Age: 23

Popular songs and album “Aajaki Raat”

His musical journey Begun from 2066 after receiving  2nd Runnerup award in “All Nepal Voice of Teen” competition. So from then he has been composing songs in Nepali movies, and different albums and new songs.

Bishnu Chemjong

Bishnu Chemjong

Place of birth: Dharan

Age: 20+

Popular songs and albums: “Saath”, “Maya”

Musical Journey: Her passion in singing since childhood and following her dreams to become singer. In 2006, she took part in singing competition Lux Nepal Star 2006 and won the title. Recently, she is recording songs for her collection album and busy giving musical concert.

Damber Nepali

Damber Nepali

Place of birth: Morang

Age: 33

Popular albums and songs: “melody malai matra” , “Aaaj Aakash ma “, ” Antim Palta”

Musical Journey:  He followed his singing interest and released his first album in 2061 B.S. He gave concert in many countries like malayasia, Japan, etc. He has received “ Chinnalata Award “ in 2065 B.S.


Dharmendra Sewan

Dharmendra Sewan

Place of birth: Pokhara

Age: 30

Popular songs and album: “HerdaRamroMachhapuchhre”

Musical journey Begun after being 1st Runner up in Nepali Tara. Then he released his first album” The Second” and his second album “Mero Item” while  his 3rd album “RastrakoGeet”. Recently he is also composing the songs for different movies and nowadays he is busy in promotion of his another album “ EkMithoMuskanDeyou” which has just released a week before.

Mausami Gurung

Mausami Gurung

Place of birth: Okhaldhunga

Age: 30+

Popular songs and album “Parelimai Chhau Ki Kaso, Machhi Marana, Launa lai Sake Maya, Ma Nepali”

Her musical journey begun with her admission in Gandharba Sangeet Kala Kendra. Her musical career professionally started with the first album “Unforgetable” in 2060.

She has also received many awards like: Hits FM Music Awards and Image FM Awards, Kantipur FM. Recently she is involving in solo featuring and she is coming up with the video of Parelimai Chhau Ki Kaso in remixed version.

Mingma Sherpa

Mingma Sherpa

Place of Birth: Kathmandu

Age: 35

Popular album and songs:” Yetharthama” ,”feel”, “feel again” , ” Cham Cham” , “ Bhumarima” , “ Namuma”, “Aasu Jhardina ma”

Musical Journey: He had singing interest since childhood and participated in various musical events. His musical journey has reached 15 years till date. He has received “Best Pop male Vocal Award by Image Channel . When he visited America for concert, he received certificate by the U.S.senator for bringing Nepali music to the world. He has given concert in many cities of U.S.A, korea, Europe, Hongkong, Qatar, etc. His new album is “ Bhumarima” has just been released.


Nabin K.BhattraiNabin K. Bhattari

Date of birth: Kathmandu

Age: March 14th,1974

Popular Album and songs: “Ma Maya Laudina,Kasto Rahechha Bato, Sayad Timinai Hau, Ye Jhari, Sayad Timinai Hau

He entered into the musical field after his ISc, he formed a band named Steel Wheels with his friends, he continued as a solo singer. his first award was the Sajjan Smriti Award for Best Male Vocalist, for the song Preetka Geet,Shikhar Hits FM Music Award 2054 as the Best Male Vocal for Saanja Pakha.

Nalina Chitrakar

Nalina Chitrakar

Place of birth: Kathmandu

Age: 30+

Popular songs and album: “Timro Adhar Timro Najar”

Musical journey Begun from last 25 years and is being continued. She has been working as a Brand Ambassador, had received many awards including best female vocalist, kalihoodwood Award etc. Recently she is involved in concerts of different international countries like: America, Canada etc. she had already sung in 150-200 albums.


Nirnaya Nsk

Nirnaya Shrestha

Date of birth: Birjunj

Age:  Feb 15

Popular Album and songs:

His Musical journey professionally begun with his first Album “For U All” in 1999.he is also involved in organizing  Awareness campion about education and tour and recently he is busy in his new album “Ek Nepal NSK Style”


Phiroj Singh

Phiroj Singh

PLace of Birth: Kathmandu

Age: 27

Popular songs and albums: ” Bahan Nabanau”, “life”,  “Memory Card”, “Khanari”

Musical Journey: He was grown up in musical family and had his own music company in 2060 B.S. After releasing few of his albums, he involved himself into other business. He owns a restaurant named “SaSaa” . His new album “Khanari” got released recently on 20 March, 2015.

Pramod Nirwan

Pramod Nirwan

Place of birth: Balaju

Age: 30

Popular album and songs: “Kina Yesari” , “Jaba Tara Ganera”, ” Goreto ani ”

Musical Journey: He was inspired by singer Sunil Bardewa to sing songs. He learned guitar at an early age. Professionally, since 15 years, he is into music field recording songs and releasing albums. Image Award 2060 B.S. , Kantipur Royalty Award 2060 B.S. are few awards that he received during his journey. Recently, he is teaching music in schools and arranging and producing music.


Reshma Sunuwar

Reshma Sunuwar

Place of birth: Okhaldhunga

Age: 30+

Popular songs and album: “Mai Thuli Bhayechu Re” and “Reshma”

Musical Interest was from very early child  but her first   album came in 2056 in her own language, later in 2059 she came up with her solo album and Mai thuli bhayechure in 2064. she had already performed more than 20 concerts and Nowadays too she is busy in musical concerts.


Roshan LamaRoshan Lama

Place of Birth: Sanepa

Age: 26

Popular songs and album: “mero desh mero gaurav”

Musical Journey : Professonally he is a VJ and work in Sagarmatha Channel and conducts “Play it On” show. He is into media since seven years. However, when he got an offer to record the song “mero desh mero gaurav”, he didn’t want to miss it.

Sandesh Rana Magar

Sandesh Rana Magar

Place of birthe: Gorkha

Age: 28

Popular songs and album: “Artha”, ” Gorkha Bazar”

Musical Journey: When he came Kathmandu for his studies from Gorkha, he met many friends along with Pradeep Khatiwada and recorded the songs. It’s been 3 years till now that he is in this field.


Sanoup PoudelSanoop Poudel

Date of birth: India

Age:  37

Popular Album and songs: Samjhana Aaedincha, Pahilo Pirati, Yestai Sambhadha, Timro Deshsaima

His interest in music was from early childhood but his Musical journey professionally begun after the release of his first Album.Sanoop Poudel is an Ethnomusicology graduate from Kathmandu University. He continued singing different solo songs and nowadays busy in his own job and besides that he is also singing in movies as a playback singer.

Sugam Pokharel

Sugam  Pokhrel

Date of birth: Morang

Age: 37

Popular Album and songs: Mero Sansar, pheri tyo din, Kati Din Bite, Mero eauta sathi cha etc.

Musical journey was begun  after he learned the guitar’s chords. He also learnt music with sir CB Chettri and he also worked as an RJ in Radio Sagarmatha. He has also received lots of rewards including ‘Hits FM New Best Artist Award’ ,’Hits FM Best Male Vocal Pop,Top 1 Pop Singer and Album of the Year  School Pathashala at 11th anniversary of  “Radio Kantipur, Radio Rastrako”  and lot more. His voice proved to be a great boon to the Nepali music. Nowadays, is working for his new album “Silanyas” which is all set to hit the market in near future.

Suraj Sahi Thakuri

Suraj Shahi Thakuri

Place of Birth: Surkhet

Age: 23

Popular album and songs: ” Timi bina Juinu ta”, ” Kosis gare maile”, “Sakchu ma”

Musical Journey:  Inspired by Narayan Gopal and Bhakta Raj Acharya, he dreamed of becoming a singer. He released his first album in 2012 and his new video ” mero mann ko kura” is to be released soon. He learned music for more than 3 years from Chandi Prasad Kafle and started his music career.

Sushil Titung

Sushil TItung

Place of birth: Kavre

Age: 21

Popular songs and album: Album Recording “ Timra Lagi”

He had a keen interest in Music since early childhood, but winning in music competition in school program and after meeting with Pawon sir, he enter in musical field. Recently he is busy in Lunching his recording albums.



Udesh ShresthaUdesh Shrestha

Place of birth: UdayapurKatari

Age: 33

Popular songs and album: “Love area, YojunimaTimro, and Kina Mayama Yeti TheraiChotaHuncha”

He was interested in Music since childhood but his musical journey begun after he joined the guitar and vocal class. His 1st Album “YojunimaTimro” has won Hits FM music Award in 2061. Then he released his  second album “Rahasshya” in 2063. While he was also awarded with the 14th Annual Best Vocalist Pop Male Award for his 3rd Album “Still alive” and nowadays he is involved in different music videos and for releasing his upcoming Album.


Here is the video of the song ” Mero Desh Mero Gaurav” :

By : Alina Prajapati and Sangita Tiwari


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