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Unknown Disease killed 4 More In Jajarkot.


April 14, 2015: An unknown disease spread in Jajarkot VDC has killed four more people last night increasing the number of victims.

The number of victims has reached 16 so far. Prema Lama, In-Charge at the Talegaun police beat said that the four victims died last night were Laxmi Nepali, 50, Dhankala Damai, 55, Haste Kami, 51, Maheshwor Singh, 61, of Talegaun VDC in the district.

As per the source over 180 patients have been taken to hospital for treatment but due to to lack of beds and rooms they are being treated keeping in the hospital premises.

And it is found that most of the patients are suffering from respiratory diseases.Headache, chest pain, aching hand and legs, and fever are the symptoms of the disease, said locals.

A team comprising health workers along with necessary medicines have been sent for the disease affected areas, said Chief at the District Health Office, Dhir Jung Shah.


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