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‘Unmukta Pusta’ come to CFL, share messages about the recent sociopolitical developments through poetry


Kathmandu, June 4, 2017: Hopes of Change on Saturday, June 3 held a youth and literature centered initiative named Creative Forum for Literature (CFL) at Bridgewater International College, Sinamangal. CFL is a fortnight literary gathering led by two passionate youths Santosh Basnet and Gokul Joshi to bring young individuals and poets together to express different problems, situations and their remedy through powerful poems.

The programme saw three veteran poets, Kewal Binabi, Prakash Guragain and Madhav Ghimire (Atal) from Unmukta Pusta, a literature revolution against inequality, reciting poems related to political and economic revolution in Nepal and how political change in the nation has affected the perception and way of life and the livelihood of people in rural areas. Through the poetry, they also expressed the problems and challenges that are being faced by the marginalized and underprivileged communities and how they are being treated by so called upper-class group of people still in this 21st century where equality for all have been the agenda of Democracy.

Special guests were welcomed by youth activist Ajay Pandey, who stands as the founder and President of Hopes of Change. In his speech, he expressed thankfulness to the guests and also promised to bring bigger and better versions of the program in the days to come. He shared the difficulties and challenges that were overcome by the organization to organize and bring together poets and enthusiasts from different walks of life in the forum.

Also reciting poems on the occasion was Sharma Ji, who is a popular personality among youths and dynamic poets. He recited poems with a sarcastic kick to the local level election that was recently held in the nation. Through the poems, he gave a message that we youths have been used by different political parties just for the publicity of their own political agendas, but have failed to groom us to be a capable leader.

Similarly, Aastha Aryal, a SEE appeared student in her poem ‘Hamro Awastha’ expressed what is the real situation of grass hood level Nepalese in our country, the way we have been struggling to make a change in the nation but haven’t been able to bring stability, peace, and prosperity. Through her poem, she suggested that we should never give up, rather contribute from our own possible way to establish a new arena for a positive change. Other young poets namely Madhusudan Bhusal “Antarmukhi”, Dipendra Upadhyay, Pradip Ghimire “Berangi”, Trailokya Raj Bajagain also expressed their way of thinking through poems.

The formal program was followed by an interaction session between poets of “Unmukta Pusta” and youth literary minds, where the poets logically answered the queries and questions put forward by participants of the program.

Towards the end of the program, Vice President, Avibind Khaniya briefly described how Hopes of Change was established, and the projects that have been led by the organization to empower youths, women and marginalized communities. He also focused on the social services that have contributed for the better livelihood of orphans, street children and marginalized societies. He ended his speech on a promissory note to work with like-minded groups to create a greater impact in the field of literature by involving youths of all walks of life in the days to come.

Kewal Binabi
Unmukta Pusta
Aastha Aryal
Avibind Khaniya