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Unravelling the charms of Pondicherry


There’s a little bit of wanderlust in all of us. We all want to see different parts of the world, to get lost in an undiscovered culture, and to live on the edge of the cliffs and flight times. I grew up travelling with my family. There’s a little bit of traveller in all of us, and mine stems from my parents. I have a wandering heart mostly because they took me by the hand and walked with me to make me not afraid of new things. Never anything extravagant, never anything outrageous, but everything just enough to get us by when our feet were too tired from walking.

Travelling has taught me infinite valuable lessons in life; from trusting my gut to believing in the kindness of strangers. Every minuscule experience drives me to a new insight about life, people, and most importantly, about myself.

Many of us live in urban cities and due to our busy schedules, we are unable to escape the labyrinth of concrete. My sister and I urgently needed a digital detox, as well as a trip to the great outdoors. Far away from the madding crowd and the concrete jungle, it was our time to turn our lives around and reconnect with nature and get back to what really nurtured us. A trip to the French Riviera of the East “Pondicherry” offered us the perfect opportunity to paddle away from our busy schedules.

Tucked in the East Coast of India, Pondicherry, is a union territory whose charm can make you question, are you really in India? Pondicherry, or Puducherry, is famously known as the French Riviera of the East, and is one of the most mesmerizing and charming places in South India. The town was a colony of the French for hundreds of years, which is apparent in the lovely French architecture and succulent French cuisine. French Rule left its impression on this little coastal town, giving it its own aura.

Whenever I used to read about Pondicherry or see pictures, it would seem to me as if this quaint little town had restrained its old charm. In reality, the city is sharply divided into a bustling, crowded, typical Tamil neighborhood and comes very close to giving you a feel of the French culture. Sunflower colored churches, charming colonial building, sculptured temples bring out the French culture gracefully.

Needless to say, Pondicherry is a unique place. What makes this place so unique is the existence of diverse culture and believes in complete harmony. A part of the city will take you back in time with its impeccable French colonial settlement another part represents typical Indian town and yet another part which is all about spirituality.

From the pristine, serene beaches to scrumptious baguettes and croissants, there’s nothing about this little town that I didn’t adore! The picturesque French architecture, clear blue skies, and the beach promenade make Pondicherry the perfect destination for a holiday. The town has a rich culture of sustainability and spirituality which is reflected in the various places for shopping in Pondicherry.

  • Swikriti Khadka