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Unshaken Dream of a Milk Seller in Bhaktapur


11640563_1009135875777885_765989571_oBhaktapur, June 21, 2015: Parsuram Karki, a farmer and  a milk seller in Radhe  area  is  popular with his  work. Since 17 years, he has been selling milk with his own family involved in business. Per day, this family sells milk to more than 120 houses.  He has 7 cows and each gives 5 liters of milk per day.  He started his business at the age of 23 and successfully working to run his livelihood.

According to him, the best part of this  business is that they there is no any competitiors in the  same  place  till now. They have hired some land for cow farming.  From early morning to late evening everyone seems too busy with their  own work.  Cows get food  from near  place  of  karki’s home  where  they have  grown grass  for cow and get stale food from neighbours  house. They have  planted  long grass to feed  cow .After success of this  business Karki  started  another  wholesale business .

11639138_1009120432446096_1749343568_oIn the recent  earthquake, they had  severe loss  in business and one cow died during earthquake damaging one cowshed.

He  seems  quite  disappointed  when we  ask him how  was  his  business  going so far? But he  was not tired  of  doing things  he  thought of  buying two more  cow now instead of one.  He says, “ this  is  the  only thing I  will be  doing life  longer  and  it gives  me  satisfaction.”

Karki was  bit interested  in making other  items of  dairy product but due  to lack of  knowledge  and  resources , he thinks it won’t be easrier.

Moreover, his 17 year old daughter is studying Science in class  12 and she  will help him in coming days. Karki and  their  family are  happy in a  hope that their daughter  will make  more  success  in future in their  business.

By: Kirran karki


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