Use toilet and earn Rs 2,500 per month

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New Delhi, January 31, 2017: In a move to stop open defecation and ensure that people use lavatory regularly, Barmer district in India has launched a unique scheme of providing Rs 2,500 per month to every family that will use lavatory in regular basis on Monday.

The scheme has been launched to encourage Swachh Bharat Mission and make use of lavatory a must.

For the first time in India, this scheme has been launched to encourage the beneficiaries in the district so that villagers develop a habit of using lavatory regularly which will earn them Rs 2,500.

During launch, eight families were handed over the cheques of Rs 2,500 in Baytu village. Recently, an action plan was made with the help of Cairn India’s rural development organization to encourage and aware the beneficiaries of using lavatory. After the construction of lavatories, an expert team monitored the concerned beneficiaries for two-three months to check whether they use lavatory or not.

The beneficiaries were handed over the cheques after the inspection of the condition of loos and regularity of their use.

The scheme will benefit 15,000 families of the area as of now. And if it fulfills the desire, the scheme will be expanded to other areas too.