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users of renewable energy increasing in Kanchanpur


Bhimduttanagar, Oct 24: The users of renewable energy are increasing gradually in Kanchanpur. Now, the number of renewable energy users has reached 30 per cent in the district with people’s increasing awareness of its benefits, according to Energy and Climate Change branch Kanchanpur said.

A campaign for promoting the use of renewable energy has launched in the district since 2065 BS, branch staff Dinesh Lamsal said.

Biogas, improved stove, solar energy and bio fuel are the forms of renewable energy. Biogas is the most used type of renewable energy in the district. The government also offered grant assistance to biogas consumers. Around 11,000 people here biogas plants.

The users of solar power and bio fuel share the least number. Only 1,100 people are using solar power. The government provides Rs 4,000 to 7,500 grant assistance each to solar power consumers.

Renewable energy which is free from smoke, helps to keep the environment clean with least carbon emission, save money and controls deforestation. The branch has set a target of making six VDCS– Shankarpur, Rautelibichawa, Jhalari, Pipladi, Dodhara and Chandani- free from smokes, it is learnt.
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