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Valentine’s Day and It’s Vibe


True love is rarer than the pink star diamond and your love is not ordinary. Romeo and Juliet, Laila and Majnu, we have heard the love story of many people throughout history. The love in the world has always influenced people mind in the world and today is a Valentine day which is going to make the history even better with millions of love story again.

Valentine a festival of love, it is celebrated across the world on 14th of February every year. People celebrate this festival in different ways in different places of the world. In recent time the valentine day is practiced for 7 days including rose, propose, chocolate, teddy, promise, hug, kiss and Valentine’s Day. All the day aims to share love between the loved ones.

There are number of stories surrounding the beginning of practice of Valentine’s Day. However, the most accepted story how this festival came to practice is the story from Rome. Once upon a time there was a King named Claudius II, Third Century in Rome. Through some analysis he found out that single men were stronger than the married men. He wanted strong young soldiers, so, he banned the practice of marriage of young men in his country. Sadness flooded in the country and young men were sad. Seeing such a sorrow a pope (named Valentine) felt bad and he started hosting marriage ceremony of young boy and girl in the country.

When the King heard of that news later, the pope was arrested. A blind daughter of jailer was taking care of pope in the jail. As time passed by, they fell in love with each other. One day, pope covered her eyes and when he left, the blind daughter of jailer got her eye sight back. The pope got executed the day after leaving a message to the women that he loved her and with his sign “Yours Valentine”. The name of the pope from that day was in the memory of many people who shared happiness and love in a dark world through his story and message. He gave light and hope to many people’s life and gave a birth to the festival of love.

Today is the day of valentine day, 14th February and we can see many people of Nepal also being involved in such a positive festival that brings joys and happiness in people’s life. Many people of different ages throughout this week can be seen exchanging roses, hugs, kisses, promises, teddy, chocolate and most importantly love between each other. These activities throughout the week has created pretty unique environment in Nepalese community. The gossips, memes and discussion mostly are focusing on Valentine’s Day. Some are posting the memes in humorous way and making people life happy whereas some are taking the Valentine’s Day as an important part of their life and taking the pleasure from sharing love with one other.

Couples are getting more together and many singles are trying to find the love of their life. Some, singles are having fun joking and being humorous about the festival. However this is also contributing in making the environment they live in fun and livelier. The people are having a topic to focus on their life and something to share between themselves.

Coupled or single Valentine’s Day is bringing joy to many people’s lives in one way or another. Either it be a topic of discussion and a matter of humor or a true love between couples who share lifelong promises with each other, valentine day is contributing in making the environment of Nepalese community more positive and joyful.

By: Romin Neupane