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Vampire Diaries Season 7 premiere soon !!


18 September, 2015: The Vampire Diaries, season 7 is premiering three weeks from today!

TVD favorite Vampire Star, Ian Somerhalder was caught up to get the exclusive scoop into Damon’s mindset now after his soulmate is locked in a perpetual slumber and if Elena will still be a part of the story line since Nina Dobrev had a departure from the show.

Somerhalder had to spill what Candice King’s baby bombshell will mean for Caroline and Stefan on the show and Spoiler Alert!

There was a devastating situation last April, when Nina Dobrev dropped the news that she would be leaving the hit CW series, and Elena’s final goodbye in that shocking season six finale.

“There is a really incredible evolution of the story that is going to happen and she’s still within the story,” said Ian. “She’s very much present in the hearts and the mind of all the characters.”

The story line now starts by the words of Elena saying, “I mean, look, she told him, ‘Listen, you waited for Katherine for 150 years and you weren’t a saint. Don’t sit around and wait.’ She said, ‘Go have fun!’ And he does whatever she tells him to.” But knowing our Damon, we’re going to keep our fingers crossed that for just this once, he doesn’t do what Elena tells him to.

Somerhalder also confessed that he’s still a little baffled at how Damon and Elena became soulmates in the first place. “I said from the beginning even when it was about Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena, ‘How in the world can people want this girl to be with either one of these guys?'” he asked.


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