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Vegetable farmer succeeds in making her son an Engineer


In Picture:  Muna Chitaure of MarkiChowk in Tanahu, who succeeded in making her son an engineer.

Tanahun, May 10, 2016: Pankaj Chitaure, a recently appointed engineer in Abukhaireni Municipality had never dreamt that he would be an engineer one day and get a job nearby home.

Born in a middle-income family and a talent student since childhood, he had a thought of getting a job somewhere in his future. But, his mother, Muna had made a commitment from inside her heart to enroll him in a professional course of his capacity. Finally, she succeeded in this.

As a result of her all-the-day hard work on the farmland in front of her house, Pankaj, who studied in Western Regional College in Pokhara could get the job in his own village after completing the degree. “I had never dreamt of getting a job here itself as an engineer. I feel it pleasing while reminiscing this,” Pankaj shared his happiness.

There is no reason for Muna, a model farmer in MarkiChowk to not to feel glad seeing her son as an Engineer. Earning around 5-7 lakhs annually, she was able to send her son to an engineering college. Though her husband was a teacher by profession, his earning was just enough to cover household expenses. “This is all possible since we have come out of subsistence farming,” says Muna.

Khit Kumar Shrestha, Outreach Officer at the District Agriculture Development Office (DADO), Abukhaireni shared that she was able to reap the success as a result of the hard work she did on her 8-ropani of land. “Because of the hard work and the habit of growing seasonal vegetables, she has been able to be a model farmer,” said he.

Senior Agriculture Development Officer at DADO, Chetanath Adhikari opined that the model farmer Muna could achieve this success because of new agricultural technologies, youth-oriented vegetable farming and irrigation facilities provided by the office. “We have left no stone unturned to help those farmers who are into professional farming,” he shared. “Many are seen attracted in commercial farming.”