Home Youth VIE Y2 Award 2015 in search for fantastic youth calls for applicants

VIE Y2 Award 2015 in search for fantastic youth calls for applicants


Butwal, March 13, 2016: If you are a youth involved or who has initiated or accomplished something beyond your school/college curriculum in any field like music, arts, dance, martial arts, photography, leadership, volunteering, entrepreneurship, science and technology, etc, initiated or innovated own ideas into action and has made difference in the community locally, nationally or internationally then apply to be a vie y2 award 2015 and let your story inspire other youth like you. The main purpose to organize this program is to motivate youths in our country to develop an entrepreneurial thinking for the betterment of our nation.

  • Who is organizing?

In the collaboration with Pratispradha Khabar, VIE Y2 Award 2015 is an event organized by a leading company in the field of youth education and placement preparation, named Vie institute of medical science and applied technology Butwal, Nepal.

  • What is the aim?

It aims to raise a simple youth to be recognized globally. It is a designed platform for youths where their achievements outside and inside of their schools, institutions and college’s respective curriculum will be showcased. It is organized with the motto “Your nomination leads the world”.

  • Who can participate?

Any youth male, female or other from the age group 13 to 24 till 25th April 2016 can be nominated. Our Facebook event page:  VIE Y2 AWARD 2015(Youth of the year award-2015).

  • Is there a nomination?

Obviously, there is. The nominee details should be forwarded by two nominators.

  • What are the documents to be included?
  1. A nominator’s letter (up to 4 pages) including a brief explanation of the significance of the candidate’s work till 31 December, 2015.
  2. A brief (up to 2 pages) CV of the candidate.
  3. Some proof of the candidate’s work till 31 December, 2015.
  4. Letters of support.
  • How can it be sent?

You can make a digital copy such that makes a single .pdf file as the order mentioned in point 5 and email it to: viey2award@gmail.com  /  institutevie@gmail.com

  • Procedure detail in a link:
  1. Download the VIE Y2 AWARD-2015 COVER SHEET from the website:www.viebutwal.com
  2. Completely fill up the form
  3. Collect the documents listed in point 5
  4. Create a single .pdf file and send it to viey2award@gmail.com
  • What is the last date of submission?

The nomination starts from 14th February 2016 to 15th April, 2016 till 12:00 am. From there on, the nominator’s letter won’t be accepted.

  • Is there any charge or fee required to submit?

You won’t be charged for any point. It’s all free of cost. We only seek the youth of the year.

For more information about the program,

Contact: Nim Adhikari- 9857032046                                                                                                                                         Email: institutevie@gmail.com
Or visit: www.pratispradhakhabar.com