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Villagers construct road raising donation


Gorkhabazaar, 27 Oct 2014: Thanks to the government’s lackadaisical efforts to heed developments in rural area, the villagers from Deurali VDC of Gorkha district have constructed a road raising donation.

Chairman of the road construction committee, Tikaram Bhandari, said the villagers became united, collected donation and constructed a two-km long road connecting Deurali to Budhikot. Budhikot is being promoted as s touristic place in the recent days.

Various groups as Progressive Cow Farming Group, Chhaku Women’s Group, and youth clubs and children’s groups stood together and finally completed the two-km long road.

The villagers collected Rs 250,000 as donation and managed voluntary labour too for building the road.

With the completion of the road, it has been very easy to reach the Budhikot Temple. Now, it takes only two hour’s trek from the road to reach the Temple, which earlier used to take a very long walk.

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