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Volunteer for Change Organized a “Hike to Champadevi”


Kathmandu, September 30, 2018: VFC (Volunteer for Change) program with an initiative of CREASION(Centre for Research and Sustainable Development Nepal) organized a HIKE to Champadevi last Saturday on 29th September.

Altogether 22 people who participated in the walk from all age group started their journey from Ratna Park to Taudaha by local bus and then walked uphill. Champadevi is known for its religious value. One of the participants shared, “I came to know about this through facebook event page. There were many events for the same place on the same date but we found yours to be more inclusive and youthful, and we were true.”

This was the 4th hike organized by VFC as its regular monthly event under “Outdoor Adventure Learning” after Jamacho, Burunchulli, Shivapuri. Outdoor Adventure Learning makes people closer to the outside world and their way of living. To understand the real meaning of life and creativity we feel it is very important to come out of the cocoon that we live sitting in one comfort zone.

Hikes,  local outdoor getaway are a great way for participants to interact with the natural world around them with a short time commitment and no experience necessary. Hikes offer participants the opportunity for exploration and physical challenge close to home.

During this hike, participants were engaged in exercises that challenge themselves and one another. As they learned to communicate and build trust, participants enhanced their sense of self-confidence and teamwork, leaving equipped with ways to bring their new skills back to their communities.