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The spirit is for you, the courage is for you, the enthusiasm is for you and the victory is yours. That is
what I have got as a volunteer. In volunteerism, though you upkeep others you will be supporting
yourself circuitously to get the greatest contentment of the sphere.

For me, volunteerism has been more like an addiction, a severe addiction with lone antidote; that can’t
be other than “volunteerism” itself. But what the infatuation is for? Is it for passing time? It isn’t. The
learning and experiences are these dualistic influences. But again the learning, experiences can be so
much different in each time that doesn’t let you to be far from it. Ultimately it leads to know the
strategy of the world chronometer and the globe system. The learning that we get from our schooling is
considered to be microscopic under those circumstances and learning acquired through volunteerism.
That passion of volunteerism was converted as one of my regular chores.

People say that, “if we do good things in our life, then we will go to heaven after our death”. After
death? And what else before death? I couldn’t wait my death to see the heaven, so I explored for the
ultimate approach. Volunteerism is the sole source of paradisiac satisfaction. This not only led me to
smile on my happiness but to simile together for everyone’s happiness.

Someone had said “Volunteers are not paid not because they are worthless but that is because they are
priceless”. Go back to your timeline. How many lives have you changed? How many smiles were you
able to create? That is what matters. Creating a life may be easy thing but changing lives and creating a
smile is the worlds’ most challenging and prominent job. No matter how much trouble you are facing
and how much grief is on you, you can always stay fresh by making others happy. The act of
volunteerism is the random act of kindness that doesn’t require any time and any place. Furthermore,
volunteerism is the engagement towards a healthy society. After all the people get affianced, there will
be null stage for thinking about the distractive and destructive activities. The act is sure to track as a
tradition and move on endlessly to form a welfare society.

Humanity is the next name of volunteerism. We all human being is the volunteer for the world integrity.
The world is for us, by us and to us. All these responsibility goes to entire civil society. Volunteerism is
the common religion that differentiates a human from Homo-sapiens. So the choice is yours to be

By:Sudeep Ghimire


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