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Vote for a Nepali Lady to Make Her Win International Competition


Sobita Gautam, a lady from Dolakha district has been selected among the top 20 youths from around the world for the Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change, organized by the United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change (UNFCC).

Her village was one of the most adversely affected areas in Nepal by the earthquake last year and her community has been a victim of all kinds of natural disasters since then. Realizing that fact, she started to research about conserving nature at local level and made an action plan suitable for her community and executed the idea with the help of the people there. In the course, she started to make eco-friendly houses. Thus, coming this far, they have been able to make the community as an eco-friendly community.

Through the internet, she came to know the competition, and filmed the story of her village about conserving the nature and making of an eco-friendly community and sent it to the organizing committee. Now, her video on conserving the nature has been selected among the top 20 videos, from among entries from the whole world.

The winner will be decided on the voting basis, and as we Nepalese have always been voting for the people who have been to international platform with their work, and have always made possible for them to win the competition. This is her turn. As she participated in the international platform and got selected among top 20 in the whole world, it’s in our hands to make her win the competition and make the country proud once again along with making Nepal’s name marked by the whole world.

Voting Procedure:

Open the link below to watch and like the video. 1 view + 1 like = 1 vote
Or, simply search for Sobita Nepal on YouTube and watch and like the video titled “Activities against climate change”.
Voting Deadline: 23 September, 2016


Watch the Video: